Let me tell you about how we got our home.

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April 20, 2010 by theresiugoes

I was awful stressed when we started house shopping. I’d lived in my home for 25 years, and we were 100m away from a bus stop – a stop that could take me to the city, to Burwood, or to Strathfield if I saw fit. I could walk to the train station or shops in under 10 minutes, and if we ever ran out of milk, 7-11 was 3 minutes away.

But I didn’t think to want any of these things for our new place. I just wanted somewhere we could afford, not too far from (Dad’s) home, with a clean kitchen. Our budget was low, and it seemed we could only get the decrepit, run down houses away from anywhere. We prayed a lot, and every time we went to a house we’d pray about it, but we just kept finding dirty old houses. So after a couple of weekends of failed findings, I gave up. I told Sly I was happy to lower my standards, but he kept looking, ’cause he’s good like that.

A house in Croydon Park was listed and Sly called the Real Estate agent and booked a viewing. I was at work, he had just had an exam, but he came, he saw, and put down a deposit then and there. The apartment was in our budget – right in the middle of the spectrum we had set. The kitchen is new and clean. It was big enough to fit all the stuff we had, but small enough to fit both of us.

We are about 600m away from a bus stop. A sensational bus stop, I might add, as it takes me to Hurstville (right outside my office! Living at home, I had to take 2 busses and 2 trains to get to my office) or if I choose to cross the road, to Burwood (where the trains are at). About 300m from our front door is a bus that takes me into the city (where all the good stuff happens) or to Campsie, where I can do grocery shopping. A five minute drive will get us to Dad’s place, or a 12 minute bus-ride.

It was awesome how God provided for us. In ways we could not even imagine, God gave us things we didn’t even know were available. If we were to say “our home is an answer to prayer”, it would not be entirely true. It is, somewhat, but we were too narrow minded to pray for all the wonderful things God granted us.


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