We had busy times and then we had holidays

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July 8, 2010 by theresiugoes

I’m sorry, we’ve been quiet. We had Camp, and it was awesome, but it meant we were busy. And then I got tired. And then husbandsylv had exams and that was crazy, because he studies like an Asian.

But then we had holidays, and they were sensational!

I never used to take holidays when I was single. At my previous job, Christmas and July holidays were ruled out because it was peak trading period. In this job, I can’t take holidays until after New Years, so I just never felt the need to holiday. Funnily enough, every year around September I had an impressive (yet frustrating) breakdown, sleeping for days and days and not finding the energy to get to work.
We only went on a 5 day honeymoon, because we had so much wonderful family who travelled to Sydney for our wedding, and we wanted to celebrate Christmas with them. We decided we would continue our honeymoon on our six month anniverary.

There was something awesome about the holidays – reconnecting outside of business, praying praise instead of supplication, talking about the weather and nature and our home and not about things that we had to do. It was liberating and freeing and worth every moment. I woke up one morning and remembered that I quite like husbandsylv, enough to let him hog the doona and take up two thirds of our queen  size bed. (Not that I’d stopped liking him, I’d just gotten used to it)

Long story short, we decided we like holidays, and will have them again in six months time.


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