Nothing’s Going to Change my World

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July 20, 2010 by theresiugoes

When I was little, we didn’t celebrate Christmas the traditional Western way. Mum and Dad always said we should celebrate Christ’s birth every day – and that Christmas was really a commercial festivity. They were right, of course, but as I grew older and the grand-kids (not mine. Mum and Dad’s) appeared, we started to celebrate Christmas a little more traditionally.

Husbandsylv and I have kind of taken on this attitude when it comes to celebrating our togetherness.  Our “first date” anniversary  falls sometime in December. With that, and both our birthdays in January, we’ve become rather flexible with when we celebrate our anniversary, because we want something to look forward to mid year.

For the past 7 months, it’s felt as though we’ve celebrated our marriage every day. We haven’t had m/any arguments in this time, and we’ve enjoyed sharing things we like about each other almost every day. I like that although everything’s changed in these few months, it feels as though it’s meant to be this way.


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