Cake and sympathy


July 30, 2010 by theresiugoes

We came back from NZ (honeymoon) on Christmas Eve. We were about to spend our first night in our home, and I was very aware that we would have nothing in our house for another three days. So, on the way home from the airport, we stopped at the Supermarket. As we walked through Woolworths, I asked husbandsylv “what do you like to have for breakfast?”
“Cake” he said.
“You have cake for breakfast?” I asked
“Yes” he said.

So, instead of buying a cake, that night I baked a cake. And I did so, twice a week, for three months. And then one night, as we enjoyed dinner with his family, his mum said to me “he has so much peanut butter for breakfast”. I turned and looked at husbandsylv.
“I thought you eat cake for breakfast”
He said “no, I like to eat cake for breakfast. I don’t have to.”

Needless to say, I didn’t bake much cakes after that.


One thought on “Cake and sympathy

  1. tristan says:

    That is an awesome story. For real.

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