Still a daughter

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September 8, 2010 by twosylvs

I took BabaK to the airport a while ago, because he was flying overseas. For three months. Apparantly that’s what people in retirement do – they enjoy the fruits of their labour and spend it overseas. I am totally okay with him doing that – after all, he spent a very long time looking after me – but it feels strange to have no parent around. Now husbandsylv parents have also gone overseas, and we (really, just I) feel orphaned!

Skype is awesome, because it means we can stay in touch with people we love while they are overseas. BabaK and I Skype regularly – he is so cool for knowing how to use Skype. He calls me, says how much he misses me and he wants to come back, and then he gives me a list of errands to run. And then, always, he says “okay, I have to go” and hangs up. But he’s not going anywhere! He just sits around missing me after he hangs up. Lame.

I like that I still have my identity as his daughter. I was so worried that getting married, moving out of his home and changing my name would mean I was no longer his daughter. He’s mostly even stopped trying to tell me what to do, because he knows I’m all growed up now with  a husband who can tell me what to do.


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