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September 27, 2010 by theresiugoes

I feel all sorts of bad when I cook bad food for husbandsylv. I have had some hits and misses recently, my roast are awesome, he loves my desserts… but there have been some sad times.

I was craving curry (my curry, not his). Trial one went down the drain. Trial two went down the toilet bowl. Trial three balanced the right amount of curry and coconut milk, but then I walked away from the stove and it started to congeal. So I added milk, and then I walked away and it started to curdle. And it was rather bland as there wasn’t enough salt, or curry powder.
He was all sorts of gracious and had seconds, but we all knew the food was bad.

Then there was that time I made marinara, and I don’t know what I did wrong, but it kind of turned into seafood soup instead of a thick sauce.
And then the other time I made Pumpkin soup, put too much salt in, tried to dilute it with water, then it got too runny so I tried to thicken it with cornflour by which stage it was just tasting like pumpkin coloured salt water with glue textured pieces.

For some reason I thought becoming a wife would mean I’d never cook a bad meal again.


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