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October 13, 2010 by theresiugoes

A few weeks ago, St Giles had a fundraiser auction. We didn’t buy anything, but we auctioned off an Egyptian dinner for 4 at our home. We felt pretty special when we found out that it was so popular item on the auction list, that we ended up booking 3 dinners and raising $580 in total.

For the first dinner, we had a couple come with their newly married daughter and son in law. Brian and Jenny were lovely – but we hadn’t spoken much to them before we had them in our home. It was great getting to know them and just enjoying the conversation, knowing that we were making new friends and coming into each others lives.

That, and I cooked some awesome food.


Ta3meya (the Egyptian version of falafel, made from broad beans) and Fatoosh (salad seasoned with pomegranate, cumin and vinegar)


Mahshi (stuffed cabbage leaves); Roast quail and Molikhaya (a leafy vegetable soup)


Basbousa (semolina & coconut cake) served with marsciapone cheese.

It was the first time in years I had made Basbousa and the first time I had made it right, so I couldn’t resist a photo when it came out of the oven looking so golden and crisp:

Straight out of the oven

(It was also the only dish we managed a decent photo of – next time I’ll try harder!)


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