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November 13, 2010 by twosylvs

When I was little, we used to sing a song at church that sang “if you draw nigh to Him, He will draw nigh to you”. I had no idea what that meant, and always assumed it was a misprint in the song book. I imagined drawing “night” on a sheet of paper, and God drawing it amazingly in the sky, and I thought that was marvellous. Once I told my Mum and she told me that “nigh” meant “near”. I figured her English was bad and she didn’t really understand – of course, at 7 I was much smarter than she. Besides, I was sure that God putting on a beautiful night sky was all about me.

Well, we are nigh on 11 months of marriage. I’ve been waiting for a really terrible, difficult patch – before we got married everyone said “the first year of marriage will be the worst!” and all this time I’ve been anticipating something terrible… but nothing. In fact, it’s been the total opposite – happy and fun and… well, challenging at times, but a great thing to do.

husbandsylv is drawing nigh to his exams. He studies lots, and is less stressed than he has been in the past. When he finishes exams, he is going to start reading books – books that are unrelated to any sort of study – so he can tell better stories. And then he will blog, because I told him he has to.

I am drawing nigh on change. I don’t like change, change is scary and bad and unknown, and doesn’t belong anywhere near me. We’ll see how the change goes, it could be fantastic! It could also be terrible and make me cry.

Drawing nigh to God. He shows so much, the nearer I get, and I sometimes wonder if He is actually revealing more or if I am just seeing things clearer because I am coming closer.


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