Blue Like Jazz

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December 22, 2010 by theresiugoes

We bought a new car – a blue Honda Jazz. It’s cute and nifty and has a fuel gauge that tells us how much fuel we use in 100km. husbandsylv and I have, at times, fought over who gets to drive it each day. In fact, I’m pretty sure if we weren’t married to each other, we’d try to marry the car. It’s sweet.

As we drove to Chatswood on Tuesdsay, husbandsylv mentioned he wanted to start decorating the car.
“What do you mean by ‘decorating'”? I asked.
“You know, put some cute fluffy toys in here” he replied.
“No. No fluffy toys. We can put the blue koufeya my sister brought us from Egypt on the back seat.”
“You always say ‘no’ to fluffy toys” he retorted. “You have to face it babe, I’m Asian.”

I laughed. In all my preparations to marry an Asian, I had never considered the issue of fluffy toys in cars. What a novice.


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