Modern Family

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January 5, 2011 by theresiugoes

Apparently, when you get married, you don’t just marry your spouse, you also marry their family. I was a little worried about husbandsylv marrying into my family – we are an eccentric and loud cacophony of passion fueled disasters. That said, we love each other very much. We are very different to husbandsiu’s family, who are all very calm, quiet and reliable, like a buoy bobbing in the ocean. That said, they love each other very much.

Before I met husbandsylv, I had a list of characteristics and traits I wanted in my prospective partner. One of the non-negotiables on my list was that my future husband would like my family, and they would like him. This seems like a rather simple thing to put on a list, but I knew it would be no easy task. My siblings dislike most of my friends, and as much as I love my family we (not “they”) are not the easiest people to get along with. When husbandsylv met them (on our 3rd or 4th date) and liked them and didn’t run away, and they met him and liked him and didn’t suggest I send him away, I knew we were doing okay. They kept meeting and liking each other, and now 3 years in, he’s family. If  I drop by BabaK’s house without him, I am greeted with a “hi, where’s husbandsylv?” which makes me feel very loved and welcomed.


We have been at St Giles for one year now. We like it, mostly. We like our St Giles family, almost without exception. It is nice to see people week to week, and miss them when we don’t see them. It is nice to feel missed when we don’t show for a week or two because of holidays. It is lovely to grow, and experience new things , and be nourished and challenged by God’s Word together.

It is wonderful to reconnect with our families at MEPC, CPC and elsewhere. It’s wonderful to have old friends, who we can slide back in with, like an old pair of tracksuit pants.


I like that husbandsylv is part of my family, and that I am part of his. I like that we are our own family. I like that we are part of an even greater family – a body that consists of so many parts, and will see such great glory. I think family, in all its shapes and forms, is one of God’s greatest blessings, and one that will be realised most accurately and perfectly when we are together in heaven.


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