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February 16, 2011 by theresiugoes

When I was little, the story of Noah and the flood always seemed like such a nice story. No one worried about God’s judgement on mankind, judgement that killed all of civilisation bar Noah and his family. Instead we would colour in pictures of giraffes and lady beetles and the rainbow sent by God.

Because, you know, God owed us one after killing the whole Earth.

Studying Old Testament at College is a little…frustrating. There are no nice stories. Everything means something, and is influenced by something else. And sometimes when the author says something, they are only saying it because they expect you to to think of something else. It’s not nice and there’s no colouring in.

When I was little, everyone always talked about when we would grow up and get married. Especially in Sunday School. Falling in love, getting married and living Happily Ever After was the way stories ended, not started. Apparently no work went into it, it just happened to good people.

Because, you know, God made us such loving people.

The more I love husbandsylv, the more I am overwhelmed by my own failings. I am rather selfish in my love for him, and sometimes not attentive or downright annoying. Marriage is hard work, it doesn’t just happen. But it is happy. They got that right.


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