Honey in the rock

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May 21, 2011 by theresiugoes

When I was little, we used to sing a song called “He is my everything”, that sang “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good, for He tastes like honey in the rock.” I started collecting rocks, wondering if I could see God in them. I didn’t, nor could I taste Him in honey. Again, I sang the words of a song that made no sense to me.

I spent last week in Katoomba at a Ministry Formation retreat for College. While there, we looked at our idols, the desires that really compel us to “do ministry”. I recognised my “idols” – my need for approval and acceptance and how that not only incites, but also limits, so much of what I do. As I spent time thinking about myself (not in the way that I usually do), I was a little bit repulsed and frustrated. The more I knew me, the sadder I was.

And the more I thought of myself, the more I wondered at God’s majesty. I wondered how He could use, and love someone as broken, corrupt and misguided as myself. I wondered at His glorious generosity – His patience to me, His love to me and all the wondrous ways He has gifted me.

In the dry, fruitless mundanity that is my life, His love is such a sweet surprise.


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