The Ugly Pants


July 27, 2011 by theresiugoes

Ever since I’ve known him, husbandsylv has had a knack for bad clothes. Awkward length shorts, over-sized t-shirts, and ill-fitted trousers.

After about 3 months of dating I started, subtly, to change his wardrobe. Jeanswest had a Family & Friends sale, so I bought him jeans, tops and jackets. We  were invited to a wedding, so I bought him a nice shirt and tie. His birthday, Christmas and anniversaries all provided me with ample opportunities to revamp his wardrobe. However, I was so subtle and gentle in my infiltration of the wardrobe that husbandsylv, appreciative though he was, failed to actually wear his new clothes.

Of all his clothes that I disliked (I should give credit where credit is due, some of it was actually great), his ill-fitting brown and black pants were most despised (probably because they kept reoccurring). Husbandsylv refused to part with these trousers, because they were “comfortable” and his “favourite”. So, I made a rule: “no brown or black pants at Church.” Eventually, “Church” became “Church & work events”, and then “Church, work events and dates”, and then “everywhere, except for college and home”. It was a long and difficult battle, but for the last six months I have enjoyed a comfortable and happy victory.

Until Saturday night. Husbandsylv was on his way to a bucks party. He wore a nice shirt (that he bought, long before he met me), a nice jumper (that I bought for him), and his terrible black pants. We argued, for almost 10 minutes, about the pants. “But they’re so comfortable, and warm!” he exclaimed.
“But they’re ugly!” I argued.
And then I decided to take a photo, and I showed him the photo, and then he agreed to not wear his pants.

And then I realised that all along, all he ever needed was a full length mirror.


One thought on “The Ugly Pants

  1. abra says:

    great stuff! I laughed :o) it took me a year to get tim to get rid of his ‘comfortable’ but ugly elastic-waisted pants. Took him to birkenhead point for his birthday, so i know what you mean!

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