Good to see you smile.

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August 3, 2011 by theresiugoes

Growing up, you always imagine your parents to be the strongest, bestest parent in the world. But when people in the schoolyard would say “my dad is stronger than your Dad!” I couldn’t really argue, because my Dad had back problems and was old. I sometimes wished my Dad could be the strongest man in the world, just so I could retort “nooo, my Dad is stronger than your silly dad!”

Earlier this week, I took BabaK for a walk in the ‘wood.
He wanted to buy some plumbing tools, so we started at the hardware store.

We did a lap of the local park, and then head to get some groceries. Because he had initially complained about not being able to walk far, I suggested we go to the Westfields for the groceries, but he insisted on walking up past the Plaza.
As we walked, he told me about a girl who works at the fruit and veggie store who always looks sad. “She hates her job, Mama” he told me. “Her boss is very bad to her. She always looks sad.” When we arrived at the shop, BabaK  subtly tried (emphasis on the word “tried”), to point to a girl who looked rather bored. “Zat is her”, he told me.

We picked up some garlic (the rest of the fruit was sub-par, he pointed out. We would have to go to another fruit & veggie store to get good fruit), and he waited for the girl to serve him (although there was another available cashier). He pointed at me and said “zis is my daughter”.

She nodded awkwardly, and smiled. “He comes every day” she said to me.

I nodded awkwardly, and smiled.

And BabaK said to her “it is good to see you smiling today! Very good to see you smile.”


BabaK will probably never be the strongest man in the world, but he has a heart of gold. And that’d beat (almost any) school yard argument, ever.


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