and stop hurting yourself

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August 4, 2011 by theresiugoes

After we went to the fruit store, BabaK and I walked into our local $2 store. BabaK had got it in his mind that he needed a padded toilet seat, and the lady at the hardware shop told him he’d find at Roni’s.

After searching through the store twice, BabaK asked me to ask the shop attendant if he had any padded toilet seats, probably because he wasn’t comfortable communicating his request in English. The shopkeeper laughed awkwardly and said “uhhh… no, we don’t have that.”

BabaK then decided that he would buy some foam and pad the toilet seat himself, so we began a third lap of the store, looking for foam. This time, we not only found foam, we also found a padded toilet seat.

As I stood in line to pay for the item, BabaK walked over to the shop attendant, who was up on a ladder bringing a birdcage off the ceiling. “Excuse me, mate, I need to talk to you”. The guy nodded awkwardly, probably because he was on a ladder and serving another customer. Two other attendants walked up to Dad. “Can I help you, Sir?” but Dad refused them, insisting on talking to the guy on the ladder.

When the guy came down the ladder (his other two colleagues standing curiously besides him), Dad stepped close to him and tried to whisper into his ear that he found the padded toilet seat. The man didn’t understand him after two attempts, so I showed the guy the padded toilet seat and let him know there were plenty in aisle 5. He smiled and said he was glad we found it, and gave his colleagues a bemused look.

As we walked out, I said “Dad, was that really necessary?” But Dad insisted it was.
He told me, “it’s okay, we’re friends. I see him smoking outside all the time and I say to him – ‘stop hurting yourself! Don’t you see the ad’s on TV? You will hurt yourself if you keep smoking. Stop this!’ – so it’s okay, because he knows I am an old man with wisdom. When he dies he will remember me and say ‘ahh, that old man was right.'”



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