Old Country

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September 22, 2011 by theresiugoes

I am overwhelmed by the beauty of this country. As we flew over Egypt my heart was racing with the desert, the huge mountains, juxtaposed with the beauty of the lush green farms. From above, the city is a beautifully composed symphony of brown buildings,windy roads and the flowing Nile.

It’s a bit of a whirlwind  visit – 4 or so days, lots of family, and a few assignments thrown in when we have the opportunity. But it is so wonderful! This place feels like home, and the people in it are so dear to my heart. Particularly in Shubra where we are staying – this place is a melody of beautiful people; tall, ugly buildings; roaring motors and tooting horns. Every now and then we hear a donkey’s cry or dog’s bark, the rhythmic percussion in this sweet song.

It is great being here with husbandsylv. He is mostly agreeable and loves good food, so he seems to be having a mostly great experience.

He cops a few amused and awkward stares, a lot of giggles and every now and then a “Hello China!” (I’ve had to pull back from correcting their English – “The country is China, the people are Chinese”) but he takes it all in his stride, smiles a lot and keeps walking like nothing is happening.

It feels (we hope) that this is the first of many visits ‘home’.


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