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September 28, 2011 by theresiugoes

The four days we spent in Cairo were chocker-bock with family visits. husbandsylv got to meet almost all of the family (both sides!) that are in Cairo – I think it was a little overwhelming for both of us.

The challenge for me was definitely translation. My understanding of the Arabic language is not bad – I’d say about 70% thanks to all those years of listening to sermons in Arabic translated into English. My command of the Arabic language is bad, I’d say, because I almost always respond in English when people speak to me in Arabic. So, there I was, at times surrounded by at least 10 people, trying to maintain a conversation with them, include husbandsylv, and translate to and for him. A little stressful at times, but I think we got through it okay. husbandsylv was most relieved when he met the cousins who are fluent in English – I think it was the first time all week he was able to have a conversation without me present.

Everyone walked away telling me that my husband was “tayeb” – gentle, (or kind hearted, like I said, not the best translator) – and “hady” – calm; I guess a sign that he was accepted into the family.

I almost always forgot to take photographs when we were with the family (because I was working so hard at translating), but it was a wonderful few days, and we both felt completely at home living in Shubra. Uncle M & Aunty R, in particular, were amazing hosts and really affirmed that as a new family unit, husbandsylv and I are always welcome in their house.



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