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September 29, 2011 by theresiugoes

Of course, husbandsylv thinks I’m beautiful – he’s good like that – but as long as we’ve been in Sydney, he has never had any reason to think that other man might find me attractive (at least, men don’t seem to voice that attraction). Unfortunately, in Egypt (and, we’ve discovered, in Israel and Palestine), men seem to think I’m beautiful, and want to let me know.

It’s a little bit awkward – particularly because we have been travelling around in a group of almost 50 – and as a person who is not typically “attractive”, our classmates are noticing – and questioning – the attention I’m getting.

I don’t think husbandsylv noticed until a few others pointed it out to him – since then I have felt his protective hand guiding me through streets and steering me away from leering men.

I’ve been learning to drop in the fact that I’m married, which often ends the amusing but awkward conversations rather suddenly. Today, as we walked through Palestine, a man told me he thought I was beautiful, and would always have a guide in Palestine if I ever visited again. I thanked him, as he walked alongside me and asked if I have facebook. “Yes”, I responded, “I also have a husband”. He turned and looked at the guys around me and said “which one?” When I pointed at husbandsylv, he said “ahhh, he is a very lucky man”.


It’s true. He is.


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