She’s got a fast car

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October 6, 2011 by theresiugoes

It was our first night in Cairo, and we decided to sleep without the air-conditioning on. husbandsylv promised that if it got too hot, he would turn the AC on in the middle of the night.

Of course, he slept through the 36 degree heat, so I trudged out of bed win the dark and tried to turn it on myself. Now, I’m not the most clumsiest person but I do at times struggle with my balance, particularly at night, and I somehow banged my toe on something.

Too tired to care, I crawled back into bed and tried to sleep through the throbbing pain.

In the morning, however, my toe was bruised and my foot huge.



“It’s sore” I said.
“It’s not broken,” he said.


So I put up with the agonising pain for a few weeks. Each time I’d mention the pain, husbandsylv would insist it wasn’t broken. So I walked around Cairo, climbed Sinai, and then trekked all through Jerusalem, despite the pain.

And then I spoke to a doctor, who told me it was broken. She bandaged it up for me.


And then he bought me beautiful earrings, because he loves me lots.


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