My hands are small I know, but they’re not yours

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January 26, 2012 by theresiugoes

So, this was meant to be the year I was going to try doing things with my hands. I was going to bake, make, sew and plant. I was going to try and make pretty things for a change, because I’m usually very terrible at it.

The first thing I (helped) make this year was our new, awesome Ikea desk. Because I didn’t understand the printed directions, Husbandsylv had to call out instructions. When he said “put this here”, I put it there. When he said “screw it in”, I screwed it in. When he said “hammer it”, I hammered it. With my fist. And did myself an itty bitty hairline fracture on my fist.

I did, however, manage to also build our new Ikea chair, (almost) by myself, with a bung wrist. I did good.


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