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October 5, 2012 by theresiugoes

I knew I was pregnant the night before I got on the plane to go to Albury. I was staying at Dad’s, and as I was drifting off to sleep, I thought “ohhh. Yep, that makes sense”.

We’d been trying for a few months now. At the start of every month (and sometimes in the middle) I would go to the chemist on my lunch break and buy my 3 pack pregnancy test and pee on a stick. Disappointed, I would wait ’til I got home before I’d try the second, and then the third. Just in case. Only ever saw one line.

The next morning, my sister drove me to the airport at about 6am. I got on the plane, excited to finally see Husbandsylv, and only half thinking that maybe, just maybe I was pregnant. We flew to Albury, circled for 20 minutes. The fog was too thick, we couldn’t land. We flew back to Sydney, disappointed.

I had 6 hours to kill before the next flight. I had a book, and it kept me going for most of the time, but I kept walking past the chemist. Maybe I should buy a test. Just check, quickly, so I don’t get Husbandsylv’s hopes up when I land. But something in my gut said “you’ll want him there for this one”. So I waited.

Finally, I got to Albury. We didn’t have long before we had to be at someone’s place for dinner, but I was giddy. “Let’s go to Woolworths, I want mandarins. And a pregnancy test.” He rollled his eyes. I’d thought I was pregnant for the last four months, to no avail. He thought this time would be just like all the other times.

We were house sitting for a family with a dog, and as soon as he opened the door I ran straight into the bathroom (once I found it). Husbandsylv wanted to feed the dog first, but I insisted “just wait with me!”

He went to feed the dog, anyway (he really didn’t think it was happening), so I waited patiently in the bathroom, trying not to look at the test ’til he came back upstairs.

“Guess what?” I yelled as I zipped up my pants and racingly washed my hands. (In hindsight I was too excited to wash thorougly, I may have omitted the soap) “We’re having a baby!!!”

I came out and we hugged. “Really?” he asked. He had every right to. I trick him a lot, just for fun. “Yes!” and then I screamed, just like a Belieber. “We’re having a baby! We’re having a baby!” He checked the stick first, and then he said “yay! Okay, we have to go soon, is that okay?”

I called BabaK straight away and said, “Baba, can you keep a secret? You can’t tell anyone.” He agreed. And I said “ana hamel!”

“What you say?”

“I’m pregnant, Dad!”

“Ahh. I thought so”

And then we went to dinner. As soon as they opened the door, I yelled “We’re pregnant!”, but only in my head. And then everytime there was silence, I would yell “We’re pregnant!”, but again, only in my head.

We prayed a lot that night. We praised God for life, and His generosity in giving us a child to carry. We thanked Him for entrusting us with this child. We prayed for safety during the pregnancy, that the life inside me would be born into this world. We prayed that we would be caring, patient and loving parents and that God would keep us faithful as we raised this child.

As I fell asleep that night, I texted my best friend, “guess what?”


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