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November 10, 2012 by theresiugoes

We had our first ultrasound at 6 weeks. When I called to book, the lady told me to drink 2 litres of water. I didn’t think my bladder could hold 2L, but apparently it could. Only just.

Because I was walking so slowly with my full bladder, we got to the clinic with only a few minutes to spare. They checked for my name but could see no appointment. We realised I had booked at another clinic, just 2 blocks away.

I  was afraid we’d miss our appointment, so we hobbled across to the other clinic, and arrived just on time.

I wanted to hear what it sounded like to say “I’m six weeks pregnant”,  so I told the lady at the front desk. I asked her if we’d see the baby in the ultrasound and she shrugged – “maybe yes, maybe no”.

We didn’t have to wait very long before we were called in to see the sonographer. He was nice, but when he started the ultrasound, he couldn’t see anything. “How much water did you drink?”
“you need to let some out, your bladder is too full.”

There was a bathroom adjoining the room, so I went in. But knowing he and husbandsylv were on the other side of that flimsy door, as much as I needed to, I couldn’t get it out.
I started reading the signs in the bathroom,  and it felt like a good minute or so before I was finally able to pee. I wasn’t sure how much to let out, and stopped when I thought I was about half way. It’s all sorts awkward knowing you’re only allowed to pee a little of what you need to.

I was back on the bed in no time (thinking “I bet they heard me pee!”), and the ultrasound started. He had the screen turned away from us, so we couldn’t see anything on the screen. I think that’s so they can make sure the baby is growing in the right spot.
Then he turned the screen back to us: “you have one healthy baby!”
It took me a little to realise he was talking about the little pulsing circle on the screen.

“just one?” I asked. My doctor had mentioned that because my HCG levels were high, and twins on my mothers side, I might have been carrying two.
He looked puzzled, but moved across to the other side to check.

“yep, just one”

We watched the little heart beat for a few more seconds.
I was so excited. Peeing on a stick in Albury, in a jar for the Dr and getting the blood test all felt so clinical and detached.

But seeing that little heart beat? That was real. That was human. That was the miracle of life.

That little blueberry, between the two “x” – that’s our baby!


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