Things I love three point oh

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December 20, 2012 by theresiugoes

  • That he has done all the laundry and cleaning since I feel pregnant
  • How he feels awkward talking to my belly
  • How he tells baby “I’m the best, I’m the best” every time he talks to her
  • How he scratches my back when it’s itchy
  • How he drives me to work when I’ve been sick
  • How he gets my shoes for me because I can’t reach them
  • How he can talk about Apple products and other technology for hours on end
  • How he can talk about basketball players, their marriages and trades for hours on end
  • How he always watches NBA games live
  • How he plays basketball in his sleep
  • How everytime he sees a Volvo, he says “volvo”
  • His double jointed fingers that lock mine in place when we hold hands
  • His insistence that he doesn’t need a haircut, regardless as to how long his hair is
  • How he laughs at me when I cry (“you look so cute”, he says)
  • How he buys me flowers just because
  • How he buys me chocolate cake and then eats it all

I could keep going, but I won’t.3rd anniversary


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