My family will never eat pancakes at home.

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July 30, 2014 by theresiugoes

It was the first day of holidays and I got it in my head that Husbandsylv and our little girl would love pancakes for breakfast. Now, I’ve never had a successful pancake endeavour, but I’d recently bought new skillets I thought would guarantee success.

Call it blind faith, if you will, but I did not enter the kitchen with my shiny red skillets alone. I also had a Martha Stewart recipe for fail-proof buttermilk pancakes bookmarked on my iPad.

“Fail proof” my bum. With a hot skillet, the pancakes burnt a shiny black colour. With a less hot skillet, they still burnt. They took a little longer to burn, and they were still runny on the inside, but neither was appealing.

I caramelised some bananas (without a recipe, and still turned out perfect, I kid you not) and offered the least burnt pancakes to Husbandsylv and our little girl, while I picked the charcoal off my own.

The least burnt pancakes

Husbandsylv kept thanking me, insisting they were great (have I ever mentioned that he is such a nice guy?), but little girl was a bit more discerning (and too young to care about my feelings) and only ate her fruit.

As I opened the windows to clear the house of batter-induced smoke, I resigned myself to the fact that we will never eat pancakes at home again. As long as I’m cooking.


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