A letter to my Girl


August 26, 2014 by theresiugoes

My dear Little Girl,

I watched you sleep last night. It’s not the first time I did, and it won’t be the last. You’re better to watch than anything on TV, even Offspring.
I love watching your long eyelashes flutter. You have beautiful eyes -‘they are a window into your soul when you are awake, but when you sleep, they are calm. Pretty. Peaceful.
I love watching your little chest rise and fall with each breath of air. Air that fills your lungs, gives you life. I pray they will continue to do so for many, many more years to come.
I love watching your perfect lips quiver. Sometimes, you are dream sucking. You think your dummy is still in your mouth and your lips purse in and out. Other times, I think you’re on the verge of saying something. You talk in your sleep often. Sometimes you clap, other times you laugh.

Little Girl, 2 weeks old. Photo: Brooke Evrard Photography

My dear Little Girl, we love you so much. When you’re asleep, right in between us, we miss you! We watch videos of you and tell each other stories about you. Your Daddy and I – we think you’re the best thing since Slice Bread; the funniest thing since Brooklyn Nine Nine; the cutest thing since Small Potatoes.


I always tell people that you’re a bully, and you are, but I’m secretly enamoured by it. I think it’s adorable how you throw your toys when they don’t oblige, how you punch Bison in the face, and how you stick out your belly and march through the house. You act like you own this place, like you’re the boss, breadwinner and baker.

But those short three months we lived here, before you arrived, were dull and lifeless. I mean, they were fun at the time – we did what we wanted, when we wanted, but we didn’t realise how much more fun we could have.
What did we talk about before you arrived? What did we laugh at? What did we do with our time? It seems so long ago, like a distant memory.

Little Girl, 12 months old. Photo: Brooke Evrard Photography

You’ve changed our lives, Little Girl. We love you, even with the tantrums and fevers and whining and laughter and tears. You’re our Little Girl and that’s why we love you.


2 thoughts on “A letter to my Girl

  1. Oh she’s a cutie!
    Don’t you just love to linger over a sleeping babe?! It makes you all warm and fuzzy and clucky!

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