Things I love. Eighteen months.


September 16, 2014 by theresiugoes

Things I love about LittleGirl.

– That there will never be enough chicken in the world to satisfy her.
– How she delicately spoon feeds herself.
– That she loves old men but doesn’t have the time of day for old women.
– She’s always happy to share. And she always expects me to share!
– How her little feet pitter-patter down the hallway when she’s looking for me.
– How she always initiates making up after I’ve gotten her in trouble.
– When she says “hugs!!” and puts her two little hands around my neck.
– The way she looks at her Dad in admiration.
– How whenever I count “one, two” she follows with “weeee!”
– When I say, “come with Mum” and her little hand reaches for mine.
– How she walks, with one arm crooked in and the other swinging free.


– How she throws her head back when she laughs.
– How she laughs at everything when we’re at home.
– That she is so serious and suppresses smiles when we are with our extended family.
– How she attacks our veggie garden everyday, trying to uproot what we’ve planted.
– How she pulls the red mulberries off the tree.
– That she yells “hey!” when she wants my attention, and “hey me!” when she wants stuff.
– That she punches Bison in the face every time she sees him.
– How she can sense me pouring a drink, even if I’m in another room, and comes running to have some.
– That she always follows a high five with a fist bump.
– How she dances whenever she hears music.
– How she sings along whenever I sing.

Love her guts!


4 thoughts on “Things I love. Eighteen months.

  1. Michelle says:

    She’s a love! Such a nice age. xx

  2. Phillipa says:

    Naw these little moments making a massive impact on your lives is truly a wonderful blessing! Love xx

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