I just need to cry


October 2, 2014 by theresiugoes

You known how sometimes, you just need a good hearty cry?
I haven’t been able to do that lately. Usually, when I need to cry and I have no big emotional push to make me cry, I watch Oprah, but she’s not on TV anymore. Other times, I’d watch a sad movie, like The Notebook (only the end though, because the rest of it makes me rant like a mad woman) or read a bit of My Sister’s Keeper.
But I’ve been time pressed this week, and haven’t had much (any) alone time, so I thought I’d write a list of things that made me sad. But that list just made me angry, because it started with Scott Morrison’s face and I couldn’t get past that.

Then I googled images of “sad women” and they all had their hands on their foreheads.




So I put my hand on my forehead but I still couldn’t cry.

Then I remembered that time I was in year two, and I missed the class Pizza Party because I was in the sickbay, and I cried so hard the school nurse thought I was in pain and called Mum and Dad to take me home, but still I couldn’t cry. And I got really hungry for cheese and tomato jaffles.

And now I’m angry about Scott Morrison’s face, and my hand is on my forehead, and I’m hungry, and I still haven’t cried.

Do you ever feel the need to cry?
How do you make the tears flow?


8 thoughts on “I just need to cry

  1. Usually looking in the mess that is my sons bedroom makes me cry. Seriously. I don’t like crying though. I always get a headache afterwards and it makes me feel really vulnerable.

    I hope you are feeling better though x

    • wifesylv says:

      Oh my own bedroom makes me want to cry. Or burn all my clothes.
      Might have to pull out the big guns tonight and watch The Boy With The Striped Pyjamas!

  2. Absolutely! A good cry is like a good spring clean out.
    I’m so sleep deprived at the moment I generally have to make an effort to not cry!

    • wifesylv says:

      I agree! Sadly (well not really) we’ve all been sleeping through in our house – but I remember in the days of sleep deprivation all it took was a a Sorbent Commercial!

  3. The Notebook usually does the trick for me. Hope you found a release! πŸ™‚

  4. I cry when my girls play up and I am really tired and at full capacity.

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