We were standing outside of the Port Macquarie Presbyterian a Church, waiting for someone to let us in. And then the Tall Skinny One came, nervous before he preached. His tie and shirt didn’t quite match, but I wondered if that was a cool new style I wasn’t yet familiarised with. (It wasn’t.)

He preached, and I was impressed. Not because it was good but because I realised how young he was, maybe 19 and giving it a go.

But then he talked and I realised that he was not younger than me. He wasn’t even my age. He was 6 years older than me.

We loved each other, despite the similarity of our names. I did consider asking him to change his name, because I didn’t want to be that couple. And then we got married and had a baby, and we almost made her our third Sylv, but luckily God made us not that daggy.

We have loved being married and being parents. It’s been a refining process – we are growing in maturity, in love and in sacrifice. It has given us an amazing glimpse of the love of Christ, and the role of the Church. We look forward to being refined, even more. We look forward to more glimpses of the love of Christ in our lives.

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